Part of the proceeds from the 2020 HypnoBiz Global Virtual Summit will be donated towards the fight against COVID-19.

The business of hypnosis is evolving

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HypnoBiz Global
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Be inspired by hypnosis thought leaders and entrepreneurs at the industry’s most progressive conference.

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Produced in digital format, twice yearly, HypnoBiz magazine is your indispensable source of industry news and features.

We represent the new generation of hypnosis professionals

The hypnosis industry has not been immune to the global trends that are reshaping professions around the world. But with great change comes great opportunity.

Digital disruption, automation, and new business models represent just some of the exciting opportunities to better monetise our hypnosis expertise, and bring joy and empowerment to a larger audience.


HypnoBiz exists to curate the latest business thinking from inside and outside the hypnosis industry and make it available to our members. Our members are new and experienced therapists alike, but they share a common passion for innovating in their marketing and service delivery.


When you access our wealth of online resources and programs, you will revel in the latest ideas, concepts and advice to propel your hypnosis business forward.


We are committed to providing a warm, encouraging, progressive and supportive membership experience – one where you will be energised and inspired as you move along your path.


If this sounds like your cup of tea, please join us. We’d love to welcome you onboard. 


Benefits of a HypnoBiz
Professional Membership

HypnoBiz Magazine

Produced in digital format, twice yearly, HypnoBiz magazine is your indispensable source of industry news and features.

Professional Development Webinars

Grow your business with structured advice and tips from thought leaders inside and outside the hypnosis industry.


HypnoBiz members enjoy attractive discounts and offers on all HypnoBiz virtual events and programs.

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Display your HypnoBiz affiliation proudly on your website to engender trust and confidence in your clients and prospects.

Library of Hypnosis Resources

Access a comprehensive library of proven hypnosis recordings, scripts, pre-talk videos, and music to implement in your practice.

PAST conference presentations & recordings

Watch high quality recordings of presentations delivered at all of our past annual conferences, on demand.

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Elevate your thinking and skills at one of our upcoming live or virtual events.

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Pro Webinar Series

Free for members, our Pro Webinar Series showcases the latest thinking from the intersection of hypnosis and entrepreneurship.

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